I am Chris Jackson, the author of this blog. I was born in Manchester, England, but after 40 years I moved to Whangarei, New Zealand to start a new life. As a young man I served 8 years in the Royal Navy where I was lucky to see some wonderful places and some not so great. At the age of 30 I went to the University of Salford to study podiatry. I worked for the NHS until leaving for NZ in 2011.

This blog is an important venture for me, it is about expressing what I feel about the world. I will suggest politically and morally that I am broadly a left-libertarian, with a strong utilitarian streak. I realized early on that I don’t really have a political party that represents me in New Zealand. I care deeply about the direction the world is taking and I try to make sense of the world by reading as much as I can to enhance my political awareness. In particular I read extensively in areas such as philosophy, psychology, history, sociology and economics.

Over-time I have become a strong opponent of identity politics. In its quest to be ‘diverse’ this movement has become exclusionary, puritanical and elitist. Using control mechanisms such as, the hi-jacking of speech to gain ascendency. I am a strong advocate of free speech and not just the stuff you agree with. I am also deeply concerned about the polarisation and binary thinking that is evident on both sides.

This blog is designed for me to formulate ideas, express my opinions and to learn from other people’s viewpoint. Some of the areas that I am deeply concerned about are; rising economic inequality, climate change and the west’s endless need for war. I feel that these are symptoms created by the system of neoliberalism and the ruling elite that benefit. I hope to cover many of these areas in much more detail, along with other relevant topics that may grab my attention.

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  1. Chris, thanks for your article about political correctness and identity politics.

    Obviously if we are looking for fallacies the ad hominem and guilt by association arise.

    But the one I like the best, the one that unveils the essence of intersectionality-based prejudice is the fallacy of division.

    Love to know if it enhances the argument against these divisive trends.


    Fallacy of division
    A fallacy of division occurs when one reasons logically that something true for the whole must also be true of all or some of its parts.
    An example:
    1 The 2nd grade in Jefferson elementary eats a lot of ice cream
    2 Carlos is a 2nd grader in Jefferson elementary
    3 Therefore, Carlos eats a lot of ice cream

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  2. I totally agree with your comment on Neoliberalism (29th March), especially how the masses have become comfortably numb to the important issues in the world. My sister mentioned to me an incident which took place at a cafe where she was working just recently; a lady complained rather bitterly that the milk on her flat white wasn’t snooth enough. I was aghast. Multitudes of people in Mozambique and Malawi are suffering as the result of massive floods: no food, shelter, clean water, medicine etc and the biggest crisis in this NZ city is an unsatisfactory coffee? This is truly tragic.

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    1. I think many people especially in the ‘anglosphere’ have lost all perspective and have many narcissistic traits. Which incidentally is the next topic I’m working on. Luckily here in Whangarei we don’t have too much of that.

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    1. Hi Martin. I usually have, but since this has all this erupted, I have shut it down for a short while, for a mental health break. Glad you are enjoying the content. I will certainly be focusing on the US primaries and the NZ election very soon. I like Bernie, he’s a good honest man, but if the last primaries are anything to go by he will most likely face similar resistance to what we’ve witnessed with Corbyn.


  3. Hi Chris,
    I enjoyed your posts on Brexit and the responses and reactions, many of which spoke volumes. I don’t know if you’ve come across this but it is one thing that is giving some hope and light to me and others who fought so hard to remain Europeans, in this dark time.: https://www.stayeuropean.org/?fbclid=IwAR1rD2tky-oxhFcVH74MBJuZqO8_L6vNLc8NyRy9IzOZabG1NZQYQ19-NgU
    94,000+ and still rising. Another glimmer of light is the knowledge that Britain hasn’t burned its boats with Europe and that we could return when sanity prevails. I believe we will – just hope it’s in my lifetime…
    We fight on.


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