RIP James Bond: 007 assassinated by political correctness.

After over 50 years of cunningly dodging villains such as Blofeld, Scaramanga and Goldfinger, Bond has finally met his match, succumbing to the all powerful force of identity politics. This slippery foe has a chameleon type appearance and tentacles in every facet of society. In all honesty, it was only a matter of time before James Bond would get the snip. After all, he epitomises everything that is despised by identarians. Primarily, he’s a white male, therefore, encapsulating unadulterated toxic masculinity, misogyny and colonialism all while masquerading as a functioning alcoholic.

Over the years the Bond franchise has developed a politically correct sheen to deter PC complainants, but clearly this ultimately wasn’t considered enough. Certainly not in western society, which readily promotes positive discrimination in an attempt to create a ‘diverse and fair’ society based on identity markers in which we have very little control over. Incidentally, I haven’t witnessed too much from identarians protesting for equal representation on oil rigs or for front line soldiers, miners and garbage collectors.

Around the world we have perpetual wars, chiefly ignited by countries in the west (the US, UK), massive overall poverty, climate change inaction and general economic inequality. However, judging by the focus from the identarian left, it appears that ensuring that more middle/upper class women become CEO’s or politicians and sorting out bathroom usage for transgender people, are much more pressing issues than poverty, wars and climate change. Meanwhile in Hollywood ‘affirmative action’ is a top priority in a quest to concoct utopian levels of diversity. At the same time, out of touch millionaires like Meryl Streep who basically pretends for a living tell the minions how they should live their lives.

These identarian crusades are generally devised by middle class, bourgeois, allegedly educated people to benefit, guess who? Of course, the middle class, bourgeois, supposedly educated. I think we can safely file these grievances under “S” for self serving. It goes without saying that we need to be respectful to one another and look after each other. But looking at the amount of child poverty, homeless people or senseless killings around the globe we are failing miserably on all fronts. In contrast, many people with relatively comfortable existences partake in rampaging offensives, heroically ridding the planet of “wrong think”, all so they can be less offended when traversing that tricky thing we like to call life.

This brings me back to Bond. This is a fictional character, initially created in a time where we had quite a different set of social norms. Although 007 has morphed into an increasingly 21st century friendly character over time, viewers do not watch Bond films to obtain an accurate depiction of history or society. Most people are quite capable of watching Dr No for example, in the context of the 1960’s without requiring a “trigger warning” prior to the movie. Likewise, if I watch for example Superman, I know deep down human’s can’t fly, even with a red cape. Therefore, I don’t require some form of an alarm to remind me not to throw myself out of the bedroom window while wearing a bedsheet. It’s fiction people, if you can’t put it into perspective, maybe you’re not fit to function in the world.

Chris Reeve

It’s not as if identarians support a realistic representation of life through movies, otherwise James would probably keep his job. The Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) in 2013 published a document regarding diversity, in particular about attracting more women into the service. Call me Mr Picky, but when it comes to state security, I want the best people for the job. Personally I don’t give a rats arse what they identify as. Although, at the time of the report out of the 12,000 employed by the SIS 37% were women.

I would hazard a guess, however, that in the field where Bond is supposed to operate, that number would be substantially lower due to particular attributes required for the job. I would also surmise that as 87.2% of people in the UK are white (2018), the chances of an operative in the field being a white fella is fairly high. Therefore, James Bond I would offer is a pretty good representation of a UK SIS field operative, but this is clearly not good enough for Hollywood.

So what is this identarian offensive about? Well within the liberal Hollywood bubble, re-hashing films or in this case a franchise, in the name of ‘diversity’ is currently “en vogue”. It requires no creativity and the hope is, it will attract a different type of audience, raking in more money for essentially the same film (although often not as good, think Ghostbusters). I propose that we can classify this practice as spectacularly lazy film making. Surely, if women in Hollywood are asking for stronger acting parts wouldn’t they prefer challenging female driven storylines and characters, rather than an old recycled male role?

This recent trend in movie making during the #MeToo era appears set on rewriting film history and the placement of female actors in formerly male roles. These movies present themselves as some weird cathartic experience for identarians. Any trace of masculinity and whiteness must be eradicated at all costs, regardless of when a film was made, the societal norms during that time or any context within the film itself. It must be stressed that the new 007 character, who is indeed a black woman is obviously not playing James Bond. Although in a non-binary world maybe I shouldn’t be so presumptuous. Rather she is taking over the mantle of 007, which I would guess is a prelude to the eventual demise of James Bond, with the future of the film franchise being simply known as 007.

lashana lynch

Diversity it would seem is code for the revision of history, which was undoubtedly dominated by men, and in the west white men. Because of this, men are often portrayed as the ultimate privileged group, the last demographic that is fair game for ridicule and sometimes hate. The reality for many is much different from the social justice narrative. Men make up 70% of homeless people, over 90% of workplace deaths (UK 2018/19 95%), while the vast majority of people killed in combat are men (Iraq 97.5%), women are 35% more likely to go to university than men and men complete suicide at an approximate ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 in the anglosphere compared to women (dependent on the country examined).

So forgive us, if many men don’t buy the privilege theory fantasy. Undoubtedly, there are a tiny minority of very rich and powerful men who pull multiple strings, but these are not representative of all men. Most men have much more in common with their dog than the likes of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Hollywood’s Ryan Gosling . However, the white male privilege fable keeps us all at each others throats, while a tiny cabal stay in control of the important stuff, laughing all the way to their yachts on route to their private islands.