Jeremy Corbyn; is this Britain’s most dangerous man?

I know looks are deceiving, but judging by the pressure exerted by some Parliamentary Labour Party members, the right wing and any other opportunists it would appear Jeremy Corbyn is enemy number one. Mr Corbyn has made it quite clear that if he became Prime Minister of the UK he would oversee some huge changes, that would have a profound effect on it’s citizens. This is terrifying for the status quo who view their positions at the upper end of society as a right never to challenged. So after a brief respite following the 2017 election the charade to unseat Corbyn continues, this time under the guise of anti-Semitism, again.

The current catalyst for outrage centres around a mural that was painted by an American artist 6 years ago on the wall of a London house. It depicts a group of crusty, white, old presumably businessmen around a monopoly board. The board is held up by seemingly slave like humans, with an illuminati symbol behind. Despite the artists protestations, this has been labelled as anti-Semitic by the establishment, suggesting that this is a anti-Semitic trope. The artist insisted that this was anti-corporatist and has nothing to do with Jewish people, but obviously individuals who had nothing to with the artistic process clearly know best. Enter Corbyn.

mear one.png

On hearing that the mural was going to be destroyed Corbyn replied to the artist Mear One; “Why?, You are in good company. Rockefeller destroyed Diego Viera’s because it includes a picture of Lenin”. Apparently this exchange confirmed to all and sundry that Jeremy Corbyn knew this was anti-Semitic and secondly he supported it. All I can imagine is, it’s like a Black Sabbath song, if you play it backwards, it suddenly means something completely different.

Even if I stand on my head, while squinting out of one eye, I still can’t detect where the contents of this exchange with Mear One supports either, the supposed anti-Semitic theme or the mural itself. Yet this has been utilised by Blairites, Tories, the propaganda industry and all the other members of the ruling cabal to weaken a pesky lefty in the form of Jeremy Corbyn. What they conveniently and purposefully fail to acknowledge is Jeremy Corbyn has consistently fought against all forms of racism spanning over 40 years. It’s of public record that between 1990 and 2015, Mr Corbyn has stood up for British Jews and against anti-Semitism 10 times.

So what’s the problem? Well, if we look at Jeremy Corbyn’s political stance over his 35 years in parliament we may get an insight into the psyche of his detractors. Corbyn was strongly opposed to apartheid, a supporter of Nelson Mandela and was arrested outside the South African embassy 1984 for protesting. In contrast the PM at the time Thatcher was reluctant to outwardly oppose apartheid, nor was she seen to overtly support it, but she did undoubtedly receive support from the regime during the cold war.

Jeremy was also an opponent of Augusto Pinochet in Chile, who ran a brutal regime while implementing diabolical neoliberal policies. It must be noted that Pinochet was a close friend and ally of Margaret Thatcher. In the 80’s, Jeremy sided with the miners again against Thatcher and his own party line. Furthermore, when it comes to military intervention Jeremy Corbyn has been on the right side of history every time. He campaigned or voted against military action in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, each one culminating in nothing less than a humanitarian catastrophe.

Corbyn has been equally tenacious fighting the ravages of neoliberalism. He disagreed with the Private Finance Initiative, where the taxpayer will eventually pay £300bn for assets that are worth £54.7bn. He firmly believes in public ownership of the railways. Not only has privatisation failed to reduce ticket costs, but the British public now pay £4bn a year in subsidies. Finally austerity, Corbyn is still vehemently fighting against austerity while reorienting the Labour Party as the anti-austerity alternative. It’s no secret that this disastrous experiment is nothing more than right-wing ideological wet dream and has even been discredited by the IMF, not known as the most socialist of organisations. Debt has increased since the advent of austerity from £1trn to £1.7trn, while real wages have fallen, funding for services have been dramatically reduced, plus over 1 million people are reliant on food banks.


In our naiveté we may think Jeremy is just the right person for Prime Minister, he seems to be someone who is an individual of principle who get’s it right both home and abroad. A man that even before he entered parliament was apart of a group of marchers who opposed the National Front marchers in 1977. Unlike many who accuse people of racism, Jeremy Corbyn has consistently been a man of action. Unfortunately that is precisely the issue, he actively opposes needless wars, discrimination, corporate greed, while supporting everyday people. He is though, in the eyes of the establishment supporting the ‘wrong’ side and that will just never do.

The West are currently spoiling for a war with Russia. While this posturing has been going on for a while, with NATO putting more and more bases near the Russian border, recently the tempo has increased. The latest nerve agent attack has also been used to pillory Corbyn, even though there is a distinct lack of evidence confirming who the perpetrators were. This hasn’t stopped the Labour ‘moderates’ using this as a way to cause division, while the Tories also have gleefully joined in with their condemnation of the Labour leader. Jeremy Corbyn didn’t jump on the “Russia did it” bandwagon and rightly suggested to exercise caution pending the outcome of the investigation.

Unfortunately this sensible view does not adhere to the narrative Theresa May and her fellow Western warmongers are desperately trying to set. Alas there is still no evidence that a former spy of no consequence was killed by the Russian government. This alleged killing of a former double agent by Russia has caused apparent anger and yet the millions killed by the West in the 21st century barely seems to register on the outrage scale. Regardless of any facts Western governments continue playing their juvenile games expelling varying diplomats and people in the West are dutifully expected to dance to this merry tune. So why this recent push on Corbyn?

The obvious answer is, the longer he is around and the more people get to know him, his popularity appears to increase. A more specific reason also lies in Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, with their determination to create a fairer Britain all round. This includes going after tax evaders and avoiders while devising a tax system that won’t persecute working people. They are keen on implementing a type of ‘quantitative easing’ that will be used to improve infrastructure, fund ailing public services and return the railways to public control.

All of these ideas will squeeze the private sector of which have made a lot of money while provided often very little in return. It’s not surprising the establishment want him buried under the patio. Plotting against him has been a recurrent theme for the last two years and their methods have been varied. Firstly, generally Jeremy Corbyn receives a massive amount of criticism, often based on very little truth, but this bombardment comes from all across the media spectrum (including the Guardian, which is relatively centrist nowadays).

Apart from countless media smears, we’ve witnessed a couple of anti-Semitism accusations, links with Russia, connections to a Czech spy during the cold war, accusations of being an IRA sympathiser and a supporter of Hamas. The last two accusations could be file under ‘D’ for dialogue. What he was trying to do was promote peace without picking sides or forcing an unsubstantiated narrative, how quaint. Finally Corbyn has received varying assaults on his leadership, including the inept coup attempt in 2016 when Owen Smith became the hapless fall-guy and Corbyn supporters in response joined Labour in their droves.

The question must be asked, despite all this pressure why does he still stand almost Zen like among the chaos. The truth is, these allegations, lies and attacks on his integrity are based on zero evidence. This often repeated tactic usually consists of a small inconsequential moment that the media latches onto, such as engaging with the IRA to foster dialogue between the factions. This is turned 180° and presented in a way to ignite faux outrage with Corbyn’s enemies, while placing doubt in the mind of those still sitting on the fence. This story is consistently supported by Corbyn’s detractors in parliament for example Labour’s right/centre wing and of course the Tories.

Make no mistake Corbyn’s political demise would be a triumph for the ruling elite who inhabit both sides of the house. Currently opposing them are a small group of principled Labour MP’s and a large amount of Corbyn supporters who believe a better life for the many is possible. So in summary, it’s OK to support a moral human being who has been on the correct side of history for 40 years. It makes sense to endorse someone who understands the complexities of the world and is not so quick to pick sides. Finally it’s courageous to back a man who is strong enough to continue fighting the status quo. We need to sustain our loyalty to a man who is somewhat an anomaly in the murky world of politics, a rare gem and a figure of integrity.



10 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn; is this Britain’s most dangerous man?

  1. My !! I read this remarkable account of the past and present of Mr. Corbyn. These past weeks it was a very coincided, fair and to my mind honest account of what we all see as a dishonest attack on Mr Corbyn.
    Being Easter I wonder if dare make a comparison of these attacks on JC to the persecution Of another JC.

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  2. Two things.
    1. The spotlight on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has less to do with Jeremy Corbyn, and more to do with their failure to deal with holocaust deniers in their ranks.
    2. It’s not just the “status quo” who are terrified of Corbyn & McDonnell taking power. Anyone running a small business will see their costs and taxes go through the roof – it’s the politics of envy. If my life is so cushy, why isn’t everyone doing it ?


  3. Seems a reasonable summary of a reasoning but rarely represented truthfully pending leader of the UK. Personally I despise the tories both red and blue who masquerade under a fake caring attitude but like the writer intimates are reluctant to forego the status quo.
    There are reports that a cure for cancer exists but is suppressed by the same type of fake caring attitudes.
    I believe the UK public needs to seriously think whether forgiveness of or imprisonment of corrupt MPs is the best way forward globally. Revision of gerrymandering law is clearly of essence and creating fairness in our social institutions should be prioritised.
    Can these objectives be achieved with the tories in power? Not in reality when their priorities are careerist not caring and not getting caught with their fingers in the till. Accepting gravy train desperado status, and resignation, supporting self servers and corrupt abusive colleagues, probable political blackmail are alternatives to imprisonment. Does this type of system attract ‘ talent’ described by May as ‘ ‘strong and stable’ in government or weak and corrupt, callous, and uncaring self serving MPs.??
    This is what Corbyn has been opposing all his life so its unlikely those who support the tories and want to remain on the gravy train will surrender their ill- gained benefits. Wars what are they good for? As the song says absolutely nothing. These Wars against Corbyn will produce more support for the young people are starting to think and tory, neo liberalistic values serve to encourage more independent thinking.
    All comments welcomed.

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  4. Good stuff, great summary of the actions to date. I did a few things myself on Corbyn and the general ideas he represents to many, inside and outside the UK, and how it similarly reflects messages of other politicians under fire in their respective countries (most obviously, Sanders of course in the US). The furor over what he brings to the table is perhaps vindication of the need for precisely his kind of message, and shows the extent to which many refuse to bend towards the people who ultimately are actually their employers when all’s said and done.

    When you talk to people like a real human being, yes: people actually listen…

    Leading “radicals” or leading restitution?: What challenges to power truly tells us about the World…


  5. This article is factual and historically accurate you can check everything out as you read it and you won’t find a bad mark on Jeremy Corbyn. Check it out yourself. Do not believe Blair and his cronies or The Tory Propaganda. Check out Pm’s History she’s no angel. Blair is definitely a war criminal and should be gaoled for what has done and is doing. And all that follow him are corrupt and can’t trust them. With a morally and just Record Jeremy Corbyn has always stood up for the underdog and bring down injustice. You can’t go against history. It’s not about changing minds but it’s about injustice. He is being wrongly accused again. This will all go in his favour because the UK and I are not stupid and see right through these lies against this honest man.

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  6. I’m from the uk and trust me when I say if his a dangerous man the only person his dangerous too who are fithy rich on the backs of the poor
    Ignore right wing msm, jeremy is good honest down to earth man

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  7. Everything you say about JC is correct and I love him to bits. But, I’m one of your so called ‘red Tories’ and the phrase annoys me for this reason – I don’t believe the electorate will vote for him, sadly, and I’m furious about it. What Momentum are doing is depriving those who need a Labour government the most and thus keeping the Tories in. So who’s a Tory now then!


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